The G-LIDE lineup of sports watches, which are a favorite choice among the world's top extreme sports athletes. These models were inspired by the ever-changing spectacles on display in the great natural beauty of Hawaii. Semi-transparent resin is formed using mixed colour moulding that reproduces the twilight gradations reflecting off a big wave or the ocean surface.


The tides rise and fall approximately every six hours. The tide graph shows the movement of the tides based on the course of the moon over a meridian and the lunitidal interval. The watch can show the low and high tide phases for any given location or date. This can be quite useful, for example if you want to know the patterns of the tides at your destination in advance.


The moon moves through a regular 29.53 day cycle. during which it appears to become either smaller or larger due to the relative position between the earth, moon and sun. The larger the angle distance between the moon and the sun*, the more of the moon we see illuminated.

*Angle of the moon compared to the direction from which the sun is seen from the earth.

The watch roughly calculates the current moon epoch, starting with day zero of the lunar cycle. As the watch only uses integer values (no fractional numbers) for the calculation, the margin of error for the moon epoch shown is ±1 day.